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(Zz)sth About Orz


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(zz)sth about orz

2005/6/2 10:00:50


Orz(也可以写成 OroOr2On_OtzOTLstoJto○| ̄|_)是一种源自于台湾(另有源自日本的说法)的网络象形文字(或心情图示),并且在2004年时在日本、中国与台湾俨然已经成为一种新兴的次文化






  • orz 这是小孩
  • OTZ 这是大人
  • or2 这是屁股特别翘的
  • Or2 这是头大身体小的翘屁股
  • orZ 这是下半身肥大
  • OTz 这是举重选手吧
  • ○rz 这是大头
  • ●rz 这是黑人头先生
  • Xrz 这是刚被爆头完
  • 6rz 这是魔人普乌
  • On 这是婴儿
  • crz 这是机车骑士
  • 囧rz 这是念”窘”
  • 崮rz 这是囧国国王
  • 莔rz 这是囧国皇后.
  • 商rz 这是戴斗笠的囧
  • st冏 楼上的他老婆吗
  • sto 换一边跪
  • 益r2 闭起眼睛,很痛苦且咬牙切齿的脸

English version:

“Orz” is a popular symbol, a pictograph, a fun stuff, a strong meme, a fashion and even a subculture in Far East Asia since last year. It’s originally from japan and spread soon to other countries such as China and Taiwan. It illustrates a guy facing left and kneeling on the ground, the “o” means the head, the “r” means the hands and the body while the “z” means the legs. People use this pictograph to show they failed and they are despair or in a sad mood (“??” in Chinese or japanese Kanji) in the Internet. People often not read “orz” out, but spell it out in ordinary conversations.

There are many alternative forms of “orz” including “or2”, “on_”, “OTZ”, “OTL”, “STO”, “JTO” and so on. And there are more and more web sites in the name of “orz”. For instance, a online service to prove shorten urls is called ‘’, and there is a blog about “orz” in Japan: Link. Here’s more interesting orz-related stuff: Pictures about orz, products in orz fashion, signs of orz, a flash game about orz, ”paper craft of orz,” and here’s a comic which says archeologists found “orz” symbols in an ancient ruin.

In Taiwan, the “orz” subculture is combined with another “Nice Guys” (?? Hao-Ren) subculture. “Nice guys” refers to the boys rejected or denied by the girls, because girls often deny the boys by saying politely: “You are a nice guy, you must can find another girl who loves you and she is better than me. I am so sorry”. Someday some boys were sharing their experience of being denied, they found that they have similar past and “nice guy” became a bad phrase then. Since being a “nice guy”, they felt strongly despair and “orz”. Here is some graphical design about “orz” in this context. And here is a ”card of judging you are a nice guy”, which is a parody of Magic the Gathering. It says, “This card is for female players only. The effect of this card on male players could not be canceled.”

By the way, I wrote and recorded a song about “Orz” with my iBook and Apple Garage-Band software. This song is in Mandarin Chinese. Here are the translated lyrics:

Lady oh lady, you are what a beauty!
Your hair is like silk, your eyes are shiny.
Each time I think of you, each time I feel XD.

Today oh today, I take all my courage.
If I could beloved, that’s what I am questioning.
However your answer, makes “greater underline less” (>_<) come to me!

You say I’m a nice guy, what you can say is sorry.
You say I’m a nice guy, you decide my destiny.
You say I’m a nice guy, I feel despair and kneel.
You say I’m a nice guy, what I can do is orz!

“XD” and “greater underline less” (><) are other popular Internet symbols. “XD” is a facial expression like “:p”, “X” is the closed eyes and “D” is a large opening mouth, it shows a man is laughing extremely happily in ecstasy. And >< means a man closed his eyes and his month, it expresses lonely, annoyed and unpleased. Have fun! :)

Link to the orz anthem (MP3). Xie xie, Weizhong.